In The Beginning

So why Darren’s Pile Of Shame? A couple of years back or even longer I used to listen to the 1Up podcast. The gang presenting the podcast would regularly talk about the pile of games sitting in their rooms that they had not gotten round to playing. This pile of games they refered to as their ‘pile of shame’.
So what better term to describe the pile of games I have sitting in my collection.
My pile of shame consisted mainly of PSP and Gameboy games. But this grew after my marriage broke up and I ended up getting the consoles I had missed playing on. Sadly my pile of shame shrank big time when I had to sell my PSP and the 40 titles I had collected for it.
So what consoles does this leave me with covering with my pile of shame? From the hand held world I will be playing stuff from the Nintendo stable, ie Gameboy, Gameboy Advance and DS. With the big boy consoles I’ll be playing stuff on the Gamecube, PS2,PS3 and the Xbox360.
In the first few posts I will talk about the first four or five games I’ve played from the pile of shame. After that the posts will be in sync with when I play the game.


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