Play Along: Okami on the PS2

This was a hard decision to make, what would the first game be from the pile of shame?I wanted it to be an over looked classic, here we go:

When I was listening to the 1Up podcasts a few years ago it was about the time that Okami came out. The guys on the 1Up team at the time really did sing the praises of the game. Sadly the sales of the game did not match the critical acclaim that it was receiving in the press. I don’t think that it helped that around the same time that Okami came out that Nintendo released The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess on the Game Cube  and Wii. With similar artistic styles, and Link also being able to transform into a wolf, there was the usual mud slinging of who influenced who.We were also really looking at the start of the twilight years of the PS2, with the Wii,PS3 and Xbox360 all just out on the market and taking sales and attention away from the PS2.

But whatever the reasons all this adds up to one thing, a classic that got over looked by a lot of gamers.

Okami has had a second lease of life in recent years with a port over to the Wii. So if you are unable to get hold of a copy for the PS2 but do have a Wii please feel free to get that version and play along.


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