Retro Gamer Issue 73

I picked up issue 73 of Retro Gamer today. It’s the first time I have been able to afford it for a couple of months and thought when I can get them I would talk about the current issue.

The cover art of this issue is all based around Sabreman from the Ultimate 8 bit games, with the headline “The Ultimate Hero: The full story of Rare’s Sabreman”.

I can hear some of the younger readers out there saying “hang on, you referred to him being Ultimate’s character but the magazine is saying he is Rare’s, what the feck?” We are both right. That’s confused you hasn’t it? Ultimate is Rare, Rare is Ultimate. They are the same company. It’s just during the Eighties Rare was known in the 8 bit world of the Spectrum and Commodore 64 as Ultimate. In fact if my memory isn’t failing me they had the full title of Ultimate Play The Game.

I remember playing Sabre Wulf when it first came out on the Spectrum. The game was massive especially compared to Atic Atac the previous big hit for Ultimate. Although during this period of gaming history it seemed that everything that Ultimate turned out was an instant classic.

The article on Durell was another fond walk down memory lane. Especially of playing Harrier Attack on my Oric-1. Harrier Attack was a game of it’s time, a Scramble clone with the graphics inspired by the Falklands War and the Harrier itself. Oh the hours I played that game.

One of the classic games that they look at in this issue is Uridium. This was a Commodore 64 game that was written by Andrew Braybrook. I remember Andrew writing a diary of his development definitely for his earlier game Paradroid in Zzap64, and once more if my memory is not failing me he also did the same for Uridium. After the success of Paradroid the pressure was on for Braybrook to produce again. Which in my opinion he did in spades and actually surpassed his earlier hit.

One of the Retrorevivals is Burgertime. Now I didn’t play Burgertime in the arcades, I came across it on the home computer and video consoles of the day.

They cover the Making of… Dan Dare and Return of the Jedi which also sparked off more fond memories of hours lost sitting on front of my Commodore 64 and Atari ST playing these two games.

All in all a great issue although here I have picked out just the items that brought up fond memories of the games I played as a teenager in the hay day of the home computer boom.


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