Final Fantasy On The iPhone

A couple of games on my pile of shame are Final Fantasy I and II on the Gameboy Advance. So I was rather pleased that these classics from gaming history were released on the iPhone recently. At £5.49 per game it’s not a bad deal either. Naturally like all updates that Square Enix do on their classics they have updated the graphics to look good on the new platform. Remember what a good job they did on the remake of IV on the DS?

Anyway this now gives me a quandry. When I get round to these games on my pile of shame do I play them on the Gameboy Advance or do I buy them again and play them on my iPhone. Well I suppose the deciding factor may be just how much cash I have at the time. But the decision won’t be for a little while. In the meantime if you can’t wait for me to get round to them why not relive a classic RPG?


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