Does Your Home Have A Portable Gaming Room?

I bet you are thinking what the feck? What’s a portable gaming room?

It’s a colloquialism I picked up from a 1up podcast a few years back now, for toilet/bathroom.

Now people’s bathroom habits are a private and individual thing. It’s safe to assume that some read while they are otherwise occupied. I believe from after dinner and office discussions this tends to be a male dominated activity.

Well a small number of us men are hardcore gamers and that visit to the little room is wasted gaming time. So instead of reading we play on our portable gaming systems (think PSP,DS,iPhone).

Hence the term portable gaming room.

I was lucky at my last employer they had one installed there as well. How generous was that?


One Response to “Does Your Home Have A Portable Gaming Room?”

  1. aileen williams Says:

    well we have ps2 ‘ psp’ nintendods and comp hope there is something there for you lol

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