Play Along: Super Mario Land on the Gameboy

Thought I would start a second play along for those who want to join in playing through my pile of shame. I’m still playing Okami, just I’m going to be out and about. So I thought I would dip in to my portable gaming pile of shame.

I’m going to kick this portable gaming session off with a classic from the Gameboy early days Super Mario Land.

Super Mario Land came out in 1989. It very nearly was bundled with the Gameboy instead of Tetris. But it wasn’t, maybe if it had been we may of been looking at a different future for Nintendo.

The Gameboy won against it’s colour rivals like the Gamegear even though it was black and white, and not as powerful, because

  • a) it was bundled with Tetris which appealed to a wider audience than Mario or Sonic (on the Gamegear).
  • b) it had great games like Super Mario Land, and Zelda:Links Awakening available for it.
  • c) it had an amazing battery life compared to it’s rivals.

In fact for many the Gameboy might as well of been the Tetris player. Oh how much of my life was lost to that game. But that is a discussion for another day and a different post.

I did play Super Mario Land a lot back in the day, I even nearly completed the game. Back then I was working for a company in ByFleet, and would often spend lunchtimes playing on my Gameboy and Super Mario Land. Heck who would of thought that I would still be playing on portable gaming systems in my lunch breaks years later.

So let’s move away from my walk down memory lane and get back to talking about Super Mario Land. The basic plot line is that Mario has to rescue Princess Daisy from the evil Tatanga. So our misson if we decide to accept it is to help Mario rescue once more Princess Daisy. Of course we are going to accept it, else there would be little point in doing the play along.

In all these years you would of thought that the women of the Mario kingdom would of taken at least some basic self defense classes so that they wouldn’t be such easy targets for these bad guys. But then if they did would we have any more Mario games?

Which brings me to the fact that this game got a DX edition released when the Gameboy Color came out. But we will talk more of that when we hit the game in a future Play Along. Talking of future Play Alongs we will be visiting the sequels to Super Mario Land, Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins and Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. So if you don’t have them and you want to play along with them when we get round to them, both can be found for under a tenner on ebay.

I’m going to finish this post off with the 1989 Super Mario Land commercial.


One Response to “Play Along: Super Mario Land on the Gameboy”

  1. riqz Says:

    Hahah love the commercial ahah!!!!
    I just replayed throguh Wario Land and wrote a review which might interest you:

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