Retro Gamer Issue 75

Slightly different tact for this months issue of Retro Gamer. I’m going to concentrate on a single article.

That single article also inspired the cover art as well, which was based on Wolfenstein 3D. Which means the article I’m talking about is an interview with John Romero.

I enjoyed the article, it was a good read. But reading the article as so many times when I read Retro Gamer I take a trip down memory lane.

My first memory of John’s work was Wolfenstein 3D, the forerunner to Doom. I recently relived the experience when I replayed the game on the Xbox 360 with the version released on Xbox Live. Which is not a bad port of the game, and plays well with the 360 controller. Compared to the later Doom it’s a simpler game, but still blowing away those nazi guards and killing Hitler is great fun. Although being a dog lover I felt guilty stabbing the guard dogs.

Over the years I have bought Doom multiple times. And that to me doesn’t just say how sad I am, but goes to show what a classic game Doom is.

Originally when Doom first came out I played it on my Amstrad 16Mhz 386sx clam shell laptop. I’ve played it on PDA’s, on my Gameboy Advance, on windows mobile based smartphones, re-bought it as a collection for the PC, and more recently got it on XBox Live for the Xbox 360.

Doom often does well in the all time great games lists, PC Gamer declared it one of the all time best PC games in a classic gaming special. And it rightly deserves all the praise it got. Even now the game still holds up well, and provides an enjoyable gaming experience.

Even playing now after all these years the memory of the levels comes right back. They are familiar and like rereading a favourite book it seems like visiting an old friend. Get the idea I enjoy playing Doom?

I just wish that Doom 3 would be released on Xbox Live so I could complete playing the series.

How many times have you bought Doom?


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