Two New Editions To The Pile

For some-one like me the discount bins at video game stores are a treasure chest. On my last visit to Farnborough at the local Blockbusters there they also have a Blockbusters video game store, and I managed to get Bust-a-move 2 Arcade Edition for the Playstation 1 for the princely sum of 99p. Yeah I know 99p! I’m a fan of this type of game so what a bargain.


Then just the other day I decided to have a look round this new-ish games shop in Wisbech to see what their prices were like. When amongst their Playstation 1 games they had Alien Trilogy. Which IMG_1275became mine for the rather more expensive (compared to Bust-a-move 2 that is) price of £2.

I snapped this game up at that price. Alien Trilogy was probably the last real video game on one of the major consoles (that was not handheld) before my relationship with Kate (my ex-wife) took off. Shocking that I know, 13 years out in the video gaming wilderness due to relationships,marriage and kids. This game as far as I am concerned is the best game based on the Alien franchise ever.

It was also the game that proved that Kate had no spacial awareness, and was not good at processing 3D video images on the screen. Kate must of played the first (small) level some seventy times (I’m not exaggerating here), and she was always getting lost. Never able to remember any of the map or locations. She almost had the video game equivalent of alzheimers.

Me, I got to a cats whiskers of finishing the game. I was on either the last level or last but one and taking on the Queen Alien. I remember first coming across the Queen so well, even now so many years after the fact. I was back in my home, it was late, or maybe early in the morning depending on your point of view. But it was dark out side. Inside I had the lights off, the only light being the glow of the tv screen as I played the game.

I can tell you I was really getting in to the game. The graphics, the lighting, the sound all atmospheric, enhancing the experience. I was totally immersed, lost in the game.

When I came across the Queen it was a surprise, I nearly jumped out of my skin. The words “feck me” may of come out of my mouth.

This has to be one of my most memorable “feck me” video game moments of all time. Even after all this time it still stands out in my memory.

So you can see why I would want to buy the game and replay it. I snapped it up at that price.

I don’t have a Playstation 1 anymore. But I do have a PS2 that plays PS1 games. Excuse me I just need to go and show Ripley how it is done.


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