Mario Turns 25

In the last week or so Nintendo have been running ads on UK tv celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Mario. These ads have been a combination of the rich and famous and the “common man” talking to camera about their memories of Mario.

Here is the Official Nintendo Youtube clip of these adverts. Yeah I know Ant and Dec are hardly famous, let alone talented, but hey they are money whores who will gladly pimp themselves out on tv for literally nothing.


For me the reason that Mario has lasted so long, and remained so popular is all down to Nintendo and how they managed the franchise. Not only are the Mario games usually great games, they soon become classics, and sometimes re-define a game genre (Mario 64,Mario Kart for example). Which is not something that can be said about the handling of Mario’s greatest rival Sonic by Sega. Where the majority of Sonic games have been turkeys.

Of course Mario and Sonic would eventually appear in the same game together in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games. But this little bit of video game history was over shadowed that Sega had fallen from grace and had withdrawn from the console market, was concentrating on software, and pimping their licences out to who ever had the dollars. Yes Sonic had been turned into a video game whore. Although it could be argued that Nintendo have been doing the same with Mario as well over the years with his guest appearances in other video game titles (look it up on wikipedia). But that would be a cheap call on my part.

So Happy Birthday Mario, thanks for all the fun times over the years.


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