well I’ve not posted on here in a while, for whatever reason. Decided to relaunch this blog, make it more of a game journal, brain dump.

Since the break I have taken over the games units at the college I am a lecturer at. Sadly it was because my friend Jamie (who was teaching them) left to emigrate to Canada.

The units that I will be teaching that game specific are games design, and games programming. There are other units I will be teaching and they tie in, or support these two units. For instance the mathematics for IT, OOP, event driven programming, software development and design all can be used to support and enhance the games units.

Anyway I got some desk copies of some game related books in, and it was while reading one called Games Design Workshop that I decided that the exercise it had on keeping a games journal was bloody excellent.

It’s something I’m going to get the students to do on the course. But decided to keep one myself as well. The next post will repeat all this and explain more in detail as well.

But I wanted to put the journal online as well. Then I thought hang on I have a games blog, that would be an excellent place to put it. Plus the previous posts are still valid and of use. So that’s where we are now with the relaunch of this blog as my games journal.

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