Journal Catch Up Final Part

28 May 2011 20:47
Just tweeted this after seeing the advert on tv during Champions League Final half time

“Trailer for CoD:MW3 looks good, hope the single player campaign matches it and is better than the half efforts other games have had recently”

A lot of the recent FPS games have had really short single player campaigns like 7 hours in duration. Which for a £40+ game is pathetic really. Not everyone plays multiplayer

29 May 2011 13:00
Yesterday while watching How To Train Your Dragon an idea for a game mechanic struct me. There is a section of the movie where the hero is going through training to kill dragons. However our hero instead learns ways to control them from his experience of secretly friending a dragon. It was this I thought would make a change from normal games. Instead of hacking away at monsters, the player has to learn ways to control them.

Just finished a session restarting playing God of War HD on the PS3. Love this update, although there is one thing this game has that I don’t like. And that is having to get your character to walk, nay perform a balancing act to negotiate narrow ledges/beams to get between two points. GoW is not the only game that does this I just don’t like it, I find them hard, awkward, and a bad game design element.

30 May 2011 14:20
Discovered that there is a Making of God of War video on the HD update of the games. Watched it and it is pretty cool, must use it in class.

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