Journal Catch Up Part 2

26th 06:00
Games I want to get
Heavy Rain (PS3)
Pokemon White (DS)
Pokemon Soul Silver (DS)
Pokemon Heart Gold (DS)
LA Noir (Xbox360)
Portal 2 (Xbox360)
Persona 4 (PS2)
Dracula X (PSP)
Metal Slug Anthology (PSP)
Little Big Planet (PS3)
Little Big Planet 2 (PS3)

Also need to get a PSP

27 May 2011 10:43
Initial World of Goo Thoughts
Been playing the first few levels of World of Goo on the iPad. Wow this game was made for the touch screen. I know that it was originally a wee game, but if I hadn’t known that I would of definitely have said this was designed specifically for the iPad/iPhone.
When I first played it the menu system was a little confusing for about 30 seconds, but then it clicked. I like the game world map, very Mario-esq with the choice of paths.
The puzzles I have played so far are perfectly pitched, and the learning curve seems just about right.
Although all the above is very polished, and works fantastically, it really is the touch interface that stands out on this game. Having said that the physics engine used runs a very close second.
On one early level you have to work your way up a “chimney”, which if your tower of goo is too heavy starts to slide down. Very cool.
Now to read the game post mortem in Making Great Games.

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