June Magazines

One nice thing about taking over the games units of the course means I have an excuse to buy video games magazines.
The ones I will recommend the students to read on a regular basis are the ones I will be buying. There are reasons for these magazines, the main being that they treat gaming intelligently, they have decent articles and also deal with the games industry itself as well.
I have been buying Retro Gamer for years now, and It does a great job of covering the classic games I grew up with.
So enough of this introductory waffle, I won’t repeat it next month.

As the cover shows the latest Retro Gamer is celebrating 25 years of Zelda.
It’s been a couple of years of anniversaries Mario, Pacman and now Zelda. I love when we get specials celebrating them. Throw in the usual Making Off articles, a retro look at Mac gaming, a look at the historynof Westwood Studios and you have another great issue of Retro Gamer.

Love the cover of the June issue of Edge. Some great industry related articles inside, especially the Lara Croft one.

Great articles on why game developers aren’t doing more to attract handicapped gamers, and a great look at some developer profiles of developers who write MMO’s.
And finally a special I think the students should get

Worth it for the GoW3 mouse mat alone. However apart from looking at the class of 2011 shooters, it has a great article on the Anatomy of the perfect shooter, The Big bang greatest moments, The 50 greatest shooters, and some industry guys identify shooters that influenced them.
Oh here is a picture of the mouse mat.

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