Journal Early June 2011

8 June 2011 13:35
Ideas taken from the Games Master 2011 Shooter Special.

Anatomy of the Perfect Shooter – the finest cuts of the best actions games, melded into one Frankenstein’s monster of a shooter.

For this the students would build their own list of games they have played to meet the following criteria

The smooth frame-rate of…
The multiplayer playground of…
The reward system of…
The guns of…
The destruction of…
The looks of…
The brutality of…
The balance of…
The smarts of…
The supporting cast of…

It will get them to think critically of the games they have played, and also the mechanics.

The world according to shooters – 12 things that are true in games with guns

This will get the students to think of mechanics of the shooter.

Classic never die – 50 Greatest games in shooter history

A bit cruel to get them to list 50 but getting them to list 10 is possible.

12 June 2011 06:47
Thursday I took out a digital subscription to Game Developer magazine. A $19 subscription got me a years worth of the magazine, and access to the magazines archive going back to 2004. Plus issues can be downloaded as PDF’s , which means I can read them on my iPad.
Game Developer magazine as the title suggests is all about game development, and is a professional magazine. Inside they have game post mortems from developers, articles that discuss techniques and technologies, as well as the bog standard news section.
A great read, a great resource, and I hope of interest to the students.


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