Journal Mid June 2011

18 June 2011 16:35
Watching the movie Sucker Punch there is a scene where the heroine is transported from a dance room where they are trying to force her to dance into some kind of alternative reality where she is presented with a sword and gun from some kind of zen master.
The zen master tells the heroine that once she accepts the weapons she will start her journey, and then explains she then has to find 5 items to be free. He then shows her out into the courtyard where we see 3 enemies. The zen master says to the heroine, “one more thing, defend your self”. Goes inside, shutting the door behind him, leaving the heroine outside in the courtyard to face the three baddies.
I loved this bit, it reminded me very much of a video game intro sequence. I thought it would make a great start to a game. Quick plot intro and then straight into getting the player playing.
Would I include the switching between realms bit? It would make an interesting game plot mechanic. Its not new, and has been used in games before the swapping between realms during game play.

Earlier today I got the Learning XNA 4 book as both a physical book and ebook. I’m going to have to wait for the physical copy to be delivered but hey I can read the ebook now. Why did I pay the extra to get both? There is no way I will take my iPad into the bathroom so reading it in the bath is out. Plus a paper version I can let students use in the lesson if need be.
I have to admit it was an easy decision to get the book. Jamie had given me his copy of Learning XNA 3, which after resign just the first couple chapters it was obvious what a good book it was.


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