Suggestions for reading material for students of video games

One thing I think students interested in videos games should be doing apart from playing video games is reading, listening etc about them as well.

What follows are some suggestions of stuff I think students will find interesting and informative in keeping them abreast of current developments in the video game universe.

A bit old school I know, and there are a wealth of titles on the news stand, but from a student of video games point of view there are only three UK titles that I think justify a students time.
The picture at the top of this post tells you what the first two titles are. Both Edge and Games are a step above the rest, they write intelligently about the subject, they cover the games industry itself, and provide insightful articles.
The third title is Retro Gamer a great title that looks back at the classics of bygone gaming systems. It also has some decent developer interviews looking behind the scenes of how those games were developed.
The fourth and final recommendation is very technical and is the Game Developer magazine, that also covers the gaming industry, has articles on programming techniques. This is a US magazine, and comes in an electronic or paper version. Having an iPad I went with the cheaper electronic version that also gives me access to the back issues going back to 2004.

For me there are currently only two podcasts worth listening to. The first is the Giant Bombcast and the Gamespot UK podcast.
The Giant Bombcast podcast is American, and with the odd f bomb used, still manages to give intelligent and insightful talk on current video games.
The Gamespot UK podcast does similar but from a UK perspective.

Finally I think students should be looking at the following websites to keep abreast of current events.
Giant Bomb

Well there you have it I hope these recommendations are of interest, and provide plenty of interesting reading.

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