An open letter to UK based indie game developers

As you may of guessed from my last post trying to get support from the mainstream games developers for the courses I will be teaching has been frustrating and futile.
But still I hold on to the dream that one day the short sightedness of the mainstream game development community will change and they will participate in helping to inspire the next generation of game developers.
In the meantime I want to turn to the indie game developers to see if they are prepared to be more supportive and show up their mainstream counterparts.
So this is an open blogpost that I hope gets passed around and reaches those indie developers out there in the UK.
I have no budget and doing this off my own back. I can promise excellent coffee and cakes (we have an excellent coffee shop on campus) and edible food in the canteen. And I might be able to stretch to contributing to travel costs (remember this is coming out of my own very limit pocket, not the colleges). If a visit isn’t possible a Skype session would be a great alternative.
I did try approaching my game programming hero Jeff Minter of Llamasoft fame via twitter. But like the mainstream developers was greeted by a wall of silence.
However I’m hoping there are more generous developers out there.

I really am passionate about what I teach, and want to pass this on to the students. Having a a real live games developer in to talk to them would be so inspirational and helpful to them.

If you are a games developer reading this and feel you can help out please contact me either via twitter (@whitespider1066) or google mail (whitespider1066 at


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