Some Light Reading For Video Game Students

I think I promised this post when I suggested sites etc that students interested in video games should be following/reading.
Now I’m going to list some books related to video game development and design that are suggestions for students to read.
One or two I think students should have and others they should get from the library. A couple of them are very heavy going and well above the level required for the units I teach, very specific and would most likely be of more use on a degree course. But they are there for the keen student who wants to delve deeper into those areas.
Let’s face it not every student is going to be interested in programming games, and not going to want to read further on the subject. However I am assuming that the students will want to go on and develop software for a living. For those students the Code Complete and the C# books should be of more interest to them.

Learning C#

C# For Students

The library definitely has this book in, not sure how many copies though. Definitely worth getting, and for students on the course there will be a code on the vle that they can use to get a 20% discount if ordered from the publisher.

Computing with C# and the .Net Framework


Learning XNA 4.0

Game Design

Casual Game Design

Level Up!

Game Design Workshop

Video Game History And Post Mortems

Making Great Games

This is a collection of video game post mortems by the developers of some of the top video games in recent times.
Vintage Games

There is a great site from the authors with bonus chapters not in the book here.

The Ultimate History of Video Games

Indepth and Heavy Going

Artificial Intelligence For Games

Essential Mathematics for Games & Interactive Applications: A Programmer’s Guide

Code Complete


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