October Game Mags

I got the October batch of gaming mags (Edge and Games) earlier in the week. And as usual they end up being my reading material as I have a leisurely soak at the weekend.
But I have to say apart from being excellent reads they have given me a lot to think about this month.
One of the main questions being asked by both magazines is whether the recent 3DS price drop has been enough to save Nintendo.
Let’s face it no one will disagree with the fact that the launch of the 3DS has been less than stellar, with sales not meeting expectations.
And to some degree the magazines look into the causes of this. While I agree with the points that they raise, ie the rise of mobile gaming on smartphones (iOS & Android), the expectations of cost, poor launch line up of titles etc. I do think they miss one of the major reasons, the current economic climate. I think they miss timed the launch. At the moment the majority of house holds do not have the budget to spend money on a new handheld console, especially at around the £200 mark no matter how good it is. Even now I don’t think that Nintendo have dropped the price of the 3DS enough. I think that they should of hit the magical £99.99, not £150.
I also think that Nintendo also hit the same issue that Apple fans have when a new iPhone comes out. Is there really enough in the new model to justify shelling out for it. The usual answer in the Apple fanboy world is usually no, and they end up waiting for the next model which will have more of a compelling reason to upgrade. The 3DS is too much of an incremental upgrade to the DS, the 3D is still a gimmick to most, and not enough reason to fork out that extra cash.
I have to admit if I had one I wouldn’t be playing in the 3D mode, and it would just be like a better DS to me. Mind you when the two new Mario games come out (Kart and Mario Land 3D iirc) maybe I’ll be singing a different tune.


2 Responses to “October Game Mags”

  1. Karen Says:

    You’ve hit the nail on the head, it really isn’t enough of an upgrade if you’re using a DSLite, maybe if you’re still using an original launch DS. I’d rather save the £150 and put it towards a good computer, or into the fund for a main next gen console.

    In the market of consumer goods they seem to believe that we have unlimited money or in this case children have unlimited pester power and parents will break and give in. £100 is a realistic figure for children to save their pocket money towards, but if you can’t even get a game included for that or it it’s almost another £100 all in, they’ll just say forget it and stick with that they have.

    We’ll see if the same issue occurs with the WiiU I can’t see me upgrading my Wii if it’s the same kinds of games as long as it’s still working fine.

  2. whitespider1066 Says:

    I think one of the interesting things raised by the magazines is the cost of the games as well. £40 for a portable game is the same as current PS3 and 360 games, and does make them seem a tad expensive.
    I agree about the Wii U, is there enough there to encourage folks to upgrade, we know improved graphics and the new “tablet” controller (which you only get one of) but is that enough?

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