A One Pager Game Design Document

Here is a “sample” one pager I did based on the document presented in the book Level Up! the Guide To Great Video Game Design by Scott Rogers.

The one pager is for a fictional game called Amy Pond: The Girl That Waited based on an episode of Doctor Who.

I’ve even started using a font (Deviant Strain) for the game title that is used by the publishers of the Doctor Who books.

I’d love some feedback on this. Suggestions on how this could be improved, constructive feedback. At the end of this I want to have an exemplar one pager that I can show to the students.


3 Responses to “A One Pager Game Design Document”

  1. Scott Rogers Says:

    Hi Darren, Scott Rogers here.

    A nice start, but I would like to see more emphasis on the type of gameplay involving switching between young and old Amy. What advantages/disadvantages do this mechanic (grows/shrinks, stronger/weaker, etc.) does it bring to the game? Give me a few more examples of enemies and what happens later in the game.

    I’d lose the “waiting for Doctor and Rory” bit (I know, it’s part of the show) as it makes it sound like the player isn’t doing anything but waiting. Remember, not everyone is going to be well versed in Doctor Who.

    • whitespider1066 Says:

      Wow, what an amazing start to my Friday.
      Scott thank you so much for the feedback. It is really appreciated.

      I recommend your book to all my students.
      Thank you once again for taking the time to give me feedback

  2. One-Page Game Design Document | CNG55 Says:

    […] from online sources and occasionally, I come across some ideas that I find very interesting. Darren’s One-Pager Game Design Document, despite being over 3 years old, was an interesting concept I will be applying to my next […]

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